The climate crisis is one of the most existential threats our generation will face, but you know that already. Our view is that this is a failure of coordination, or as some have referred to as the tragedy of the commons. We cannot rely only on governments, policy and existing financial structures to solve for this, we must organise and coordinate ourselves globally to take back the planet.
Our view is that by enabling the everyday consumer to have access to the solutions that reduce or remove carbon emissions, we can make a difference. If a platform connected the companies and the consumers that care about the planet, what sort of difference could we make together?
The problems we are address are about access, affordability and monetising climate solutions. Everyday consumers don’t have direct access to the solutions that reduce carbon emissions. The affordability comes down to making the price point to enter easy enough that most anyone can afford to make a difference. Monetisation refers to rewarding the consumer for making a difference by giving them a return for help the environment.
We understood very quickly that if we mobilised consumers to easy, affordable climate solutions they can support and be rewarded we can move the needle on climate emissions. Thus, pyrpose was born to catalyse climate capital for the masses, ensuring transparency and real results.
Last modified 11mo ago