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What’s the point of pyrpose?
To enable everyday consumers to program their money to have pyrpose. Pyrpose will give consumers access to solutions that reduce carbon emissions and be rewarded for doing so. Verified on-chain carbon reduction that catalyses the solutions that help our planet reduce the impact of climate change.
What do you hope to achieve?
Giving consumers a seat at the table for climate solutions
Reducing the barrier to entry for supporting climate solutions
Catalyse existing climate solutions and spawn new ones to be developed
Reward all participants in our community for contributing to our platform in any form
Transparency of impact, solutions and consumer interest
Illustrate to governments, NGOs and corporates the power of organisation, coordination and Web3 so that they too catalyse climate solutions
How will you measure your success?
Co2 reduction supported
Consumer funding and engagement
Number of companies
Why did you spell purpose wrong?
We want to bring they “why” back into purpose (double play on words, I know)
And, our logo is a mobius which looks like a “y”. Our logo represents 3 pillars we focus on: inclusion, liquidity and impact monetization.
How did pyrpose come to being?
The original inception of the idea was from members of young president’s organisation (YPO) wanting to connect the world of impact into Web3 to disinter-mediate the sector. This founding investors needed a team to build together the solution which is now pyrpose. The leadership team is below:
Fleur Heyns - Chairwoman
Florian Kemmerich - Director
Vivek Chandaria - Director
Anthony Stephens - Director
Ed Stevens - Advisor
Kevin Kyer - CEO
Oleg Kudrenko - CTO
How can I get involved?
There are several ways to get involved with our platform and our community.
For the platform, we are building, you can go to this link and be placed on our wailtist for when we launch.
For our community, you can join our Twitter, Telegram and Facebook pages.
If you are a company that produces carbon emissions solutions and want on the platform, please click here to get information.
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